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Our expertise combines experience across a wide range of sectors and applications. The one thing that's common is the quality and care with everything that we do.

Twire: Modern process management

We wanted to build a tool that captures the actionable processes which companies rely on. Twire is simple, clean, and stripped right back to the core functionality, which allows it's powerful functionality to shine through.

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Tech Swindon Summit

Tech Swindon is the information hub for all things tech in Swindon and across the region. With a key event happening in November 2020, we were tasked with building a site that would inspire.

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Fast Jet Performance

Fast Jet Performance is a unique brand that helps people understand their true potential. We delivered a refocussed experience to better fit the audience, whilst highlighting the various content and services that are offered.

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We were given the unique challenge of creating in-depth revision aids that would also be useful as a quick reference before flights. Working closely with an expert client allowed us to combine our experience of developing great Android and iOS apps with rich content intended for a unique audience.

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The Digital Difference Podcast

We host a podcast which focusses on exploring the world of digital and technology within today's companies. Creating a podcast was a natural fit for us at Fluff, as our mission is to help companies navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

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