Being able to see a clear path to success


Solving difficult problems in original and inventive ways


We’re a software agency
that assists your vision into a reality.

We help technology officers and tech teams to deliver on their vision.

By joining the dots between ideas and production systems, we’re the guidance system for your moonshots.

We integrate with you to create better digital experiences by utilising technology and data.

Whether you’re a team of 1, or guiding a group of 100, we assist you to put plans into place.

Combining software design, development, and strategy, to deliver impactful products and experiences.

When SaaS isn’t quite sassy enough, we understand what’s needed to create groundbreaking software.


Experts who design and build realities from ambitious visions

Software and technology is changing the world. We’re seeing industries move into exciting new areas and challenge the status quo.

Technology officers and teams are at the forefront of discovering new possibilities, but it can be hard to know how to best get from idea to implementation.

I started Fluff to help assist companies deliver transformative projects with software & design. We love a challenge, and our team are underpinned with a mindset of delivering on the improbable.

Scott Gulliver, Chief Visioneer

A few of our happy clients

Sharing our knowledge & expertise

We think that the best way to help companies get both advice and inspiration is to freely share our knowledge and research.

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